Visit of Dr Peter Fischer-Bollin

We were thrilled to have had Dr Peter Fischer-Bollin, Head of the Division Analysis and Consulting at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, join us for an enriching five-day program spanning Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto.

Together, we explored the nuanced landscape of Economic Security in the Indo-Pacific in times of systemic rivalry, global disruptions, demographic shifts, and energy transformations. Our sincere appreciation goes to Dr. Fischer-Bollin for sharing his valuable insights and expertise. We also extend our gratitude to our numerous partners, experts, and colleagues for their indispensable contributions, making this collaborative initiative possible.

Kerri and Nazia from Temple University finished their internship at KAS Japan!

Today, we say goodbye to our wonderful interns, Kerri and Nazia. Throughout the past three months, they have contributed significantly to various tasks and each written a research paper set to be published on our website next week.

Kerri, Nazia, thank you for your exceptional work and positive energy! We wish you all the best for your future endeavors and hope that our paths will cross again!

Disaster Prevention Training

The KAS Japan team received some disaster prevention training at the Honjo Life Safety Learning Center on 14 October 2022. The team got to experience pushing open the door when it’s been blocked by flood waters, how to escape from a fire when there is smoke around, experience the actual earthquakes that happened in Japan, and how to extinguish a fire using the fire extinguisher. A big thank you to our instructor, Machida san, for letting us be more aware of what we can do to survive these situations.

The KAS Japan team at the Honjo Life Safety Training Center
Learning how to push open the door when there is water flooding
Learning how to use a fire extinguisher
Experiencing how a strong earthquake feels like
KAS Japan invited to watch German Eurofighter Jets conduct their joint exercise

Government officials and representatives of organisations (including KAS Japan) involved in defence-related issues from both Japan and Germany were invited to watch the Japanese and German air forces conduct their first joint exercise in the country on 28 September 2022. Berlin has already sent a navy frigate to Japan in November as the first German military vessel to make a port call in Japan in nearly 20 years, and at a time of rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific region, the leaders of the Japanese and German air forces pledged to further enhance their cooperation with each other.

More information about this exercise here.

German and Japanese air force personnel with their fighter jets
German Eurofigher jet
German Eurofigher jets joint exercise with Japanese air force personnel
Defense and Security Technology Forum 2.0

KAS Japan Country Representative Rabea Brauer moderated a session during the Defense and Security Technology Forum 2.0 which took place this year.

Moderator and panellists for the Defense and Security Technology Forum during the session
Discussion taking place
Moderators and panellists for the Defense and Security Technology Forum
Panellists and the moderator for the session
NATO Parliamentarian Meeting

KAS Japan organised a dialogue meeting for Members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) in Tokyo on 19 September 2022. The international group of senior lawmakers had the opportunity to exchange views and information with high-level Japanese policymakers and experts on important security and defence issues. Particular attention was given to discussing Russia’s war of aggression against the Ukraine and the necessary steps for an enhanced military cooperation of like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific. Akihisa Nagashima, Member of House of Representatives and Secretary General of Diet Members Council for Comprehensive Security (DMCCS), moderated the meeting while Kevan Jones, MP from the United Kingdom, who was also Head of the Delegation of the NATO PA gave the thank you speech.

NATO Parliamentarian Meeting
Meeting with MP Taro Kono

KAS Japan Country Representative Rabea Brauer paid a visit to Taro Kono, Member of the House of Representatives (Liberal Demoractic Party) on 5 August 2022. They discussed security issues, especially the current situation concerning Taiwan and the importance of the G7 members showing a united front towards both Russia and China.

Meeting with MP Taro Kono

With MP Taro Kono

Cris Perez attends TAEF conference as a speaker

Our Senior Programme Manager for Regional Economic Programme Asia (SOPAS), Cris Perez, was recently asked to present for the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) Southeast Asia-South Asia-Taiwan (SEASAT) Youth Camp on 3 August 2022. The topic was on educational reforms for the future of work. She discussed the megatrends shaping the future of work, the potential skills that would be useful in increasing returns to income and employment in the future, and what must be done to encourage the cultivation of such skills and attitudes, among others.

TAEF is a policy think tank in Taiwan which focuses on Southeast Asian and South Asian affairs and has been a partner with KAS Japan on the Future of Work for the Asian Youth series. You can check out one of our publications with them here.

Cris attended the event as a speaker.
The event took place online.
We have moved to a new office!

We have moved to Sanno Park Tower in Nagatacho as of 27 June 2022! The new office includes a large conference room where we can hold events, and is located within a short walking distance to the National Diet, the Parliamentary building, and even the Prime Minister’s Residence/Office!

Entrance of the office

Lounge Area

We are moving!

We will say goodbye to our current location at OAG Haus and move to Sanno Park Tower in late June. We will miss our colleagues at OAG Haus but we hope to continue providing educational and informative events that contribute to fostering better relations and understanding between Germany, Japan and the world!