The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is
a German Forum for Conversations
driving regional and global prosperity.

About Us

KAS connects influential leaders and individuals who have the means to shape society for the better.

Founded in 1955, we are a political foundation that has offices in over 100 countries. Through the headquarter in Berlin and our local offices, we connect influential leaders in government, business, academia and beyond. We provide resources to shape more prosperous societies in not just the countries that we have offices in, but 120+ countries worldwide.

KAS Japan Focus:
Three Topics for Global Prosperity


The protection of a rules-based international order, and continued peace and prosperity in the region be it maritime, land or cyberspace.

Sustainable growth

Ensuring sustainable economic growth and development, inclusive of climate change, energy, biodiversity and environmental protection.

Society 5.0

Creating a society where technology, strong democratic institutions, diversity and gender equality go hand-in-hand to support human flourishing.

What’s New
Inside KAS Japan

Kerri and Nazia from Temple University finished their internship at KAS Japan!

Kerri and Nazia from Temple University finished their internship at KAS Japan!

Disaster Prevention Training

The KAS Japan team went to the Honjo Life Safety Learning Center to receive some disaster prevention training on 14 October 2022.

KAS Japan invited to watch German Eurofighter Jets conduct their joint exercise

Government officials and representatives of organisations (including KAS Japan) involved in defence-related issues from both Japan and Germany were invited to watch the Japanese and German air forces conduct their first joint exercise in the country on 28 September 2022.