Regional Economic Programme Asia (SOPAS)

Asia’s future is bright but fragile. As the world pivots towards the East, the region faces complex challenges.

As women demand access to leadership roles in the public sphere, traditional power structures are called into question and political institutions are renegotiated. The region’s increasingly dependent economies are confronted with nationalist forces that threaten to unravel free trade’s gains.

Automation and innovation are disrupting and changing the nature of work. In addition, countries are experiencing demographic shifts in a highly technology-driven world, further separating the early adapters from those barely keeping up.

How should Asia respond? What viable policy strategies should be implemented to address these fast evolving concerns? How should countries position themselves and prepare their citizens to thrive in an increasingly interconnected but still deeply divided world?

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Regional Economic Programme Asia (SOPAS) is a regional forum that contributes to the debate and reform of economic and governance models in Asia.

It brings together a network of policy makers, economists, political analysts and thought leaders across Asia to discuss emerging issues, propose policy alternatives and share best practices. These discussions in Asia are also brought to the fore in Europe through expert conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Publications on these key topics are also regularly released to provide insights and recommendations to national and regional policymakers.

Cristita Marie Perez

Senior Programme Manager, Regional Economic Programme Asia (SOPAS)

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