Country Programme Japan

Apart from being the largest democracy and like-minded country in East Asia, Japan is a longstanding value partner to Germany and Europe.

Even before its Free and Open Indo-Pacific vision, Japan has emerged as the leading country in the Indo-Pacific region. Cooperation with Japan has therefore, become even more important in terms of sustaining peace and freedom. Germany has well recognised Japan’s leading role and seeks to deepen its cooperation and bilateral ties.

As geopolitics clearly shows, the global balance of power is shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In order to face security challenges in the region, multilateral and bilateral dialogue through organisations such as ours is essential. The role of Country Programme Japan is to achieve results as a bridge for dialogue and networking between Asia and Europe.

Country Programme Japan focuses on and promotes the bilateral relationship between Germany and Japan. The core policy pillars for us are security, sustainable growth, and society 5.0.

To achieve these objectives, KAS Japan initiates direct exchanges between Germany and Japan: Inter- Parliamentary Dialogue, Party to Party Dialogue between CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), active exchanges with other political parties, as well as experts’ forums, conferences, study tours and scholarships. We actively engage in all relevant and future-defining policy fields— having green growth, prosperity, security and resilience in mind.

Through our activities, we define common grounds between Germany and Japan and contribute to both countries’ policy discussions. Thus, strengthening the alliance of democracies based on common principles is our core objective.

Naoki Takiguchi

Senior Programme Manager, Country Programme Japan

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