Rabea Brauer’s Interview by German Media in light of the Assassination of Former PM Abe
11 Jul 2022

KAS Japan Country Representative Rabea Brauer was interviewed by German Media over a period of two days on 8 and 9 July following the shooting and later the death of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

*Please note that the following is all in German

rbb24 Inforadio (Radio) – Friday, July 8
Tod von Abe nach Attentat: Japan “ist sehr geschockt und tief traurig” | rbb24 Inforadio

Welt (TV) – Friday, July 8
Tod von Abe nach Attentat: Rabea Brauer im Interview mit WELT – Video – WELT

Radio Eins (Radio) – Friday, July 8
Weltweite Bestürzung – Tödliches Attentat auf Japans früheren Premier Abe | radioeins

RTL  Aktuell & Nachtjournal (TV) – (Video is only available in Germany)
– Friday, July 8 & Saturday, July 9
Folge 189 vom 8.07.2022 | RTL Aktuell | RTL+ (
Folge 134 vom 9.07.2022 | RTL | RTL+ (

Deutschlandfunk (Radio) – Saturday, July 9
Shinzo Abe nach Attentat gestorben, Interview mit Rabea Brauer, KAS Japan |